Arcadex is a suite of informative tools that gives you actionable Pokémon team building insight by tracking changes and exploiting weaknesses in the metagame so that you can have the advantage over your opponents.

Our Mission

Trainers are interested in seeing the top Pokémon in the metagame, but knowing how to beat them and implement those changes is even more important. This philosophy drives every feature of Arcadex. Your end goal is building a good team, and we aim to provide actionable insights to help you do that.


You Might Be

  • Passionate for battling.

  • Just starting out, a seasoned veteran, or anyone in-between.

  • Knowing what you want but aren't quite sure how to get there.

  • Having what you want, but want to optimize it further.

Arcadex Gives You

  • Team cores and insight for your favorite Pokémon.

  • Exploitable weaknesses in the current metagame.

  • Daily usage and monthly stat trends.

  • Insightful and sharable weekly metagame reports.

So That You Can

  • Claim victory through knowledge and strategy!

Powered By

  • Phenomenal application that tracks daily usage statistics and team patterns among players on Pokémon Showdown.

  • Babiri gives us a consistent way to track the metagame throughout the days and weeks, allowing us to track Trainers' responses to the metagame.

Smogon + PS!

  • Highly reputable data source that supplies battle data from Trainers across the globe.

  • This information allows us to create sample builds and cores of Pokémon to aid in your team building.

Data Science

Find exploitable weaknesses in the metagame.

We analysis the most common Pokémon in the metagame to bring you a list of the most efficient coverage moves against them. The coverage types are prioritized by the total number of Pokémon affected by it, and what the next best type is for the remaining Pokémon that the previous type didn't cover. This results in a frequency list that gives you the most efficient coverage moves, while also showing what non-critcial moves you can free up on your team.

Metagame Dashboard

Measure Damage Across the Metagame

Sometimes you want a meter stick rather than a ruler when measuring your Pokemon's interactions against the meta. This tool calculates damage outputs and speed comparisons between your Pokémon and the entire metagame. Pokémon results are sorted by their usage percentage, so you'll always have the most relevant ones at the top of your list! We calculate against the metagame's Pokémon with their most common spreads, EVs and items.

Wide Damage Calculator

Team cores and insight for your favorite Pokémon.

Our Competitive Pokédex page allows you to choose a Pokémon to see its usage stats as well as a sample core of three Pokémon that synergize with it. This core accounts for the partner of your chosen Pokémon, and the partners of that partner. This gives your team very flexible lead options and establishes a foundation to build the final three members of your team on.

Competitive Pokédex

Keep up with the meta, literally.

Daily coverage of the metagame gives a look into how other Trainers are figuring things out in near real-time. Our monthly coverage provides a much more stable review of trends and drives most of our insights. Our speed analysis tracks the common frequencies among final stats and base stats. We find it more practical to focus on what final speeds Pokémon tend to reach, so we've built a calculator beside our searchable table to allow Trainers to fine-tune their Pokémon to outspeed specific targets.

* All final speeds are calculated using that Pokémon's most common EV spread and nature.

Speed Chart and Calculator

Daily usage trends, weekly meta reports and monthly stat trends.

Looking at charts and lists every day can be very draining and bring frustration. Our weekly reports summarizes all collected daily findings into a brief, sharable post that not only gives Trainers an insightful view of the metagame's state, but provides sample Pokémon sets and full teams for immediate testing.

Meta News Reports

Get in touch with us!

Arcadex would not exist without the amazing Pokémon community it was built for. If you'd like to contact us for anything ranging from general help to collaborative efforts, click here for a direct line to our inbox!